Benefits of Ambon Banana

There are various types of bananas in Indonesia. Starting from banana kepok, plantain, ambon banana, to green bananas. All of them have their own healthy benefits.

Here are some explanations about the benefits of bananas according to their type.

Benefits of ambon bananas

Ambon banana is the type of banana that is most easily found on the market. Identical to the fresh yellow and sweet skin, the following benefits of Ambon bananas for your health. Continue reading

20 Benefits of Bananas For Pregnant


Banana is one fruit fruits good for pregnant women to diet and snack. In the recommendation of the National Institutes of Health for pregnant women is to eat 3-4 servings of fruit a banana every day. Because of the nutrients contained therein is needed by the mother and fetus. In the medium banana contains 105 calories which is sufficient to meet the needs of pregnant women. This is because bananas have a delicious taste and low in fat. Here we peeled all the nutrients found in the fruit of all time.
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