Banana Inn Hotel, Bandung – Indonesia…

A great place to relax with friends or family after a fun day in Bandung

If by chance you are in or are visiting Bandung (Indonesia), do not bother looking for a hotel. Just tell taxi driver to take you to the BANANA INN …








Located at Jl. Setiabudhi Bandung, Banana Inn Hotel & Spa is situated very strategically as our Hotel can be easily accessed from all corners of the city very easily. Staying in Banana Inn Hotel & Spa also allows you easy access into many of Bandung’s well renowned attractions, allowing you to enjoy a better experience during your visit to this wonderful city.



Banana Inn Hotel & Spa is located very close to the entryway of Lembang, a very famous tourism location famed for housing several very famous and well-known attractive places/locations that anyone visiting Bandung should visit such as Ciater, Tangkuban Perahu mountain, and many more.

A fun place to visit especially with friends of families, Kampung Gajah houses a variety of places for you to enjoy from traditional restaurants to various rides and games such as children playground, gokart, aqua boat, bungie trampoline, futuristic train, water boom, and even ATV tracks. This place is a great place to visit to complement your holiday Bandung experience.

One of the most famous shopping-focused areas in Bandung, Cihampelas offer a very vast selection of shopping establishments that you can enjoy, particularly in the Factory Outlets variety. A modern shopping mall and a variety of dining places are also available for you to enjoy to better complements your visiting experience.

Certainly the preferred shopping mall for many Bandung citizens to visit during leisurely day off or holidays, Paris van Java is one of the most well known malls in Bandung and with good reasons: the relaxing atmosphere is uniquely conveyed through its open-air concept, and the mall itself is stuffed with various facilities that you can leisurely enjoy to pass time, such as ice skating, movie cinema, and many others.

A visit to Bandung is not enough if it is not complemented with efforts to enjoy the city’s very diverse offering of delicacies, and Jl. Setiabudhi is a location surrounded by many great dining venues to enjoy great cafes such as cafes, modern restaurant, or the more traditional variety such as Mak Uneh Restaurant. Our Hotel is also located close to two famous universities like NHI and UPI, so parents visiting students should find our location very ideal.

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