Facts About Benefits of Banana Skin!

kulit pisang

Elders in my village always say, do not waste banana peel carelessly, later wretch. If we think of it, there is some truth, but not the only cause personal injuries, but turned out to have a banana skin that we do not realize the benefits.

Hello friends, I have long not displaying article. This time I will write about the benefits of banana peel, frankly I was curious about the benefits of the banana. I was so amazed by the asthma drug discovery from banana peels, biogas from bananas peels and many more that others.

In my hometown in Indonesia, bananas are one of the crops that grow fast. Utilization of banana be processed banana products began to evolve. Around my house, scattered shops selling souvenirs typical of our region are banana chips. Of the existing craftsmen processed bananas, I imagine the waste, the banana peel, which is certainly thrown away

kolam ikan

In my house, I use banana peels to feed the fish, I happen to have a small pond with carp in it. Every time after eating a banana, skin just throw into the pond, and the fish immediately scramble a delicious banana peel.

So, if all this time we only assume that the banana peel was rubbish, from now on we should think again. Because the benefits of banana peel quite a lot and have been clinically tested. The following description is based on the results of a small survey I did.

Banana Skin nutrient content

Before dissecting the benefits of banana peel, it’s worth understanding what compounds were present in the skin that are often considered waste. In general, a banana peel contains a lot of carbohydrates, water, vitamin C, potassium, lutein, anti-oxidants, calcium, B vitamins, fat, protein, B complex of vitamins including vitamins B6, vegetable oils, fibers, serotonin and many others .

Furthermore, according to a study in the journal Industrial & Engineering Chemistry Research (AN Uyung Pramudiarja – detikHealth: Sunday, 13/03/2011), banana peels can filter out heavy metals, especially lead (Pb) and copper (Cu). In that study, which used a banana peel is not modified but only chopped into small pieces and put them in water polluted ayng. Dugunakan minced banana peel could be up to 11 times without losing its ability to absorb heavy metals.

All components of this compound has a variety of properties that are good for the body. Not only that, kupit bananas also turned out to be a source of alternative energy? Wow!

Parse Banana Skin Benefits

Observing the active substance which is quite complex, it is very natural to then peel bananas also have a variety of benefits. Here are some benefits of banana peel is quoted from various sources:

  • As a mood enhancer. Did you know that banana peel is rich in serotonin substances. This substance is responsible for the feeling of happiness in the human body. And to regularly consume a banana skin, will help you be more relaxed and happy of course. We also often find that smooties always mixed with banana skins. while i
  • As a pain reliever. Banana peel contains a number of vegetable oils are also some very good sneyawa reduce pain. Quite easy, tenpekan banana peel that had been cleaned and is still in a fresh state on parts of your body are experiencing pain from burns or scratches sharp objects.
  • Overcoming itching. If you often feel the itch from insect bites and ants, use a banana peel. Just paste on the surface of the skin that itch.
  • Warts expel bullies. Warts is usually small, but nonetheless disturbing. It can easily correct with banana peels. do I just attach the banana peel to the wart, then hold the plaster paste and leave it for maybe. Do this until the wart stop growing and disappear completely from the skin.
  • Accelerate wound healing. And if the wound is closed apunya black crust and appear to interfere, just attach the banana peel that the black layer immediately disappear without a trace.
  • Eliminate headaches. The trick, simply peel the banana puree and paste it on the head like a compress. In some time, your headache will be gone.
  • Eliminate acne. Same way as the others. Quite attached. Can also be mashed and then made ​​like a mask. Use at night.
  • As an alternative energy source. Recent research proves banana peels contain electrical power so that the battery could be a power stone.
  • As livestock feed. These benefits are well known, of course.
  • Fertilize the soil. He can act as compost. The trick, just put in the ground.
  • Replacement shoe polish. is easy enough, peel the banana and use the peel to your shoes.
  • As water and oil purification. The best banana skin is kind of ‘golden’ bananas (Indonesian: ‘Pisang Emas’). The trick, just fill in the water and oil to be cleared up.
  • For consumption. Did you know that today has been developed basic flour bernbahan especially banana banana peel? Quality, no less than other types of flour.

pisang emas

Gold banana (‘Pisang Emas’)shape, smaller than a banana shape in general

After knowing the benefits of banana peel, was still able you throw a banana peel? Elders in my village always say, do not waste banana peel carelessly, later wretch. If we think of it, there is some truth, but not the only cause personal injuries, but turned out to have a banana skin that we do not realize the benefits.

(*) Compiled from various sources

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