Eat Bananas Every Day


Banana is a tropical fruit that contains natural sugars such as sucrose, fructose and glucose. Bananas also contain high amounts of fiber. Then, what happens when you eat two bananas every day?


Written Healthy Life Tricks, Tuesday (23/02/2016), some medical experts had found that two bananas can provide enough energy to do activities throughout the 90 minutes.

Here are the primary reasons why the banana is the favorite fruit of many athletes.

Not just helpful to increase power, bananas can also avoid and cure a variety of health conditions are not the same. You may not believe, the benefits eating two bananas a day.

People who suffer from depression or anxiety, should eat bananas daily. According to a survey undertaken by MIND in some people who suffer depression and anxiety, eating bananas will make them feel more good. This is because the modified tryptophan protein compound body so serotonin that makes you enjoy and improve the current situation of your heart.

People suffering from anemia should eat bananas daily , because bananas contain a high amount of iron. Iron stimulates the production of hemoglobin in the blood. Tropical fruits super healthy is loaded with potassium , but they do not have any salt content. This means that they are excellent food for high blood insistence.

FDA (Food and Drug Administration), United States, is already making partial official statement regarding bananas, tropical fruits could reduce the risk of stroke as well as lowering high blood insistence.

One of the most recent research had found that the banana can improve brain benefits as well as making students more alert. So, the more than 200 students in the School of Twickenham, UK eat three bananas / day, in a plan to increase the benefits of their brain and they finally passed the test.

Bananas contain high amounts of fiber. It is really meaningful if they can help deal with constipation, laxatives without taking anything. So, if you suffer constipation just eating a banana. It is so simple and easy.

Do you want prescription drug hangover ? Well , it’s so simple, just a combination of honey , banana and milk. The banana milkshake because that is a hangover cure restore depleted sugar content , milk to avoid dehydration of the body and stomach reassure banana.

Bananas have a natural antacid effect in the body, which means that it can conquer heartburn so easy. All you need to do is eat a banana. Just eating a banana in the morning to avoid morning sickness for pregnant women .

When you eat a banana, your blood sugar content would be increased as well as regardless of morning sickness.

Just take a banana peel and rub the affected areas mosquito or insect bites. Banana skin will reduce the swelling and irritation, as well as your problem would disappear just in one day.

Bananas are loaded with Vitamin B, which means that they could appease nervous system.